About EHE Language Services

EHE has been founded on the year of 2012 as a small office in Besiktas (of Istanbul) by civil engineer Talat Pamuk, who has provided “freelance” translation services to many companies in the past.

EHE is working with not only Talat Pamuk, whose English is as fluent as his usage of Turkish, but also with a team of freelance translators who can provide services in other languages too according to the project.

If you are in need of translation or interpretation services or willing to learn a new language, or encounter with projects in your company that you can’t overcome with your current employees, we provide “efficient, high-speed and economic” services to you in the framework of our principles, and by doing so, we don’t only solve your problems but also turn your “dreams” about language services into reality.

“EHE” Mission: 
Mission of EHE is; being “efficient” in terms of quality when compared with existing market conditions of translation services, being “high-speed” enough to match your needs even in the shortest period of deadlines and being “economic” to keep the prices in the most competitive level possible, and by doing so turning “working with us” into a positive experience and pleasure.

“EHE” Vision:
EHE’s vision is; developing itself in time, following the innovations and developments about “language services”, increasing the quality provided by the company with the professional approach carried out by the company, and as a result of these positive attributes, turning into a “preferred by many”, “reliable” and “corporate” company.

About Talat PAMUK

Talat Pamuk was born on 5th of August in Istanbul and graduated from Yildiz Technical University as a civil engineer on January of 2009. He completed his military service as a lieutenant on July of 2011.

He started learning English when he was 6 years old, and experienced his first simultaneous (Englih) interpretation when he was 14 years old. He has worked as a freelance translator for many companies during his years as a university student and after his graduation, he has also worked as a private language teacher for individual students and for private schools. “Learning and Teaching language” is a true passion and hobby for Talat Pamuk, and this passion has been the reason for learning French, German and Spanish during different periods of his life. He has always searched for ways of developing his language skills and has kept his passion alive.

Talat Pamuk, who has experience of working in construction business as a construction supervisor, has also been performing as an improvisational theatre actor for Mahser-i Cumbus Theatre Community since January of 2007 after completing his education of theatre within the same company. He has been performing as an Improv Actor on a weekly-basis for more than 6 years now.

After earning the rights of having an education in English Translation and Interpretation of Istanbul University on 2012, he started his university education once again to achieve Bachelor’s Degree for translation business.